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Mission Statement

Luella High School will graduate each student college and career ready - life ready.


 Our Vision

Working together as a complete school community, Luella High School will provide each student and staff member with the highest quality opportunities to grow, explore and own her/his growth and success


Our Beliefs

*We believe that our work is about producing a well-educated, productive community member who will embrace lifelong learning, both traditionally as well as non-traditionally.


* We believe in a safe, orderly, caring environment for all staff and students that builds on individual strengths through personalization.


* We believe that learning and becoming college/career ready is the key to a successful future in all areas of life.


* We believe in the Lion character embodied by personal integrity, honor, courage, personal responsibility, service to the community, determination, self-awareness and commitment.


* We believe in each person accepting responsibility for their own actions.


* We believe each person should be continuously committed to the betterment of their community.


* We believe in the freedom of each individual to voice their perspectives in an appropriate, responsible manner.


* We believe in the value of diverse opinions, backgrounds, and experiences.


* We believe in the importance of self-confidence and one's ability to succeed through personal discipline, determination, and hard work.


* We believe in the importance of an effective system for consistent communication between and among staff, students, and administration.


Last Modified on March 8, 2016