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¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! ¡Bienvenue!
to the Dutchtown High School
Foreign Language Department

Helen Moncrief- Dept. Chair & French Instructor
Jerri Glass - Spanish Instructor 
Angel Moore- Spanish Instructor
Dawn Nagel- Spanish Instructor
Jillet Humphrey- Spanish Instructor

Señora Humphrey is coordinating another trip abroad!

10 day adventure to 3 COUNTRIES!

England, France, and Spain!
The trip will take place 
July 2017.

Go to to enroll.


Sign up with just a $95 enrollment fee.  EF has very flexible payment options and they will set them up in a way that best fits your budget.  If you've been thinking about it, here is your opportunity to get this trip as a gift! You can even make it a gift to yourself!


For specific details, see Mrs. Humphrey in room 204 
Last Modified on February 9, 2016