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Welcome to Dutchtown High School!
Phyllis Powers Nickerson
Graduation Coach
(770) 515-7510, ext. 136 
Dutchtown High School...Home of the Bulldogs!
 Attention Class of 2017: FridayMay 26, 2017 is Graduation!
Resources for Parents and Students
Infinite Campus—online grading program and attendance information. You can see every grade and attendance entry for your child as soon as it’s entered into the grade book. There are also convenient links to teachers’ email addresses.  
Parent-teacher-student conferences are scheduled before and after school. Contact Ms. Robinson, Counseling secretary, at (770)515-7510. This is best when you need to speak with and hear from all teachers.  We strongly encourage the attendance of your child.
Tutoring—teachers are your best resource! Make appointments in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Your child's Counselor and Graduation Coach are also available. Get to know us and discuss with us how your child is progressing toward graduation.     

Last Modified on July 30, 2016