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DHS Read Challenge


Dutchtown Library Media Center


 Media S. Daniels, Library Media Specialist
Alyssa Strickland, Library Media Administrative Assistant 

Mission Statement

To serve faculty, staff, students, and the Dutchtown Community in this digital global learning environment by supporting the education of students in blended, personalized or individualized learning environments. Teach scholarly and academic RESEARCH skills preparing students for college, military, and vocational opportunities.  Support the academic standards set forth by the state of Georgia.  And help students become savvy users of information in all formats, for 21st Century learning in today’s global society. 

Need Parent Volunteers!

·       To volunteer: contact at

·       Duties: Assist at circulation desk; help students with documents and printing; general clerical duties

·       Times: Before school and During lunch  
Come READ with us! 
#Dutchtown Readers Book Club
Last Modified on March 6, 2017