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Focusing on Learning for Every Student


The vision of Flippen Elementary School is to focus on PERSONALIZED LEARNING every day so all students will perform to the best of their ability and be prepared to graduate high school as self-motivated, responsible leaders ready for real world experiences.



Focus Area: Math, Reading/English Language Arts

Process Goal # 1 By January, 100% of core content teachers will utilize Depth of Knowledge techniques to plan rigorous standards/competency based tasks/activities weekly for student learning. This goal will be measured with MAP assessment data (Fall, Winter, Spring) and Exemplar tasks given four times this school year (September, November, February, and May).


Process Goal # 2 By November 2016, 100% of core content teachers will guide their students in writing and monitoring one math and ELA  S.M.A.R.T. goal to ensure student learning growth. This goal will be measured by checking 100% teacher participation on the S.M.A.R.T goal data sheet.


Focus Area: Safe, Orderly and Supportive Environment

Process Goal #3 By June 2017, 100% of core content teachers will utilize classroom “Family Meetings” a minimum of once a week to build a positive and collaborative climate and culture in order to improve student performance in all areas. This goal will be measured by looking at behavior referrals in IC, attendance, family meeting teacher refection page, and student achievement on MAP assessments.  Office referrals will decrease 10% from 311 to 280. Attendance will increase from 64% to 67% with 0-5 absences.


We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of Flippen Elementary is to develop our capacity to function as a team in order to implement high expectations for all students.


Last Modified on August 16, 2016