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Gifted and Talented
Erika Livermont
Gifted Collaborative Teacher 1st - 5th Grades
Gifted students will be served in two ways this year. Third through fifth grade students will be using the TAG model.  These students will have a gifted certified homeroom teacher with them all day.  I will go into each of these classrooms for one segment each day except for Fridays.  The students will also have one computer lab segment with me each week.  

First and second grades will still use the all day resource model.  This class will meet on Fridays from 8:05-1:30.

Gifted Testing 

Testing for the gifted program occurs throughout the year.  Students from kindergarten through 5th grade can also be referred for gifted testing by parents or teachers who see an indication that participation in gifted classes would be beneficial for that child. 
For students to be tested for gifted the students must first be referred by a parent or teacher.  Then the students will be screened.  This part consists of a team of teachers looking at the student's data in academic areas, creativity and motivation.  Parents will then be notified if their child has qualified for testing and will need to sign and return an additional letter giving permission for testing.  The students are tested in academics, mentalibilities, and creativity.  A motivation checklist is also filled out by the student's teacher.  Parents will be sent the testing results by mail after testing is completed. 
Parents wishing for their child to be tested for gifted must complete the gifted survey which will be sent to Mrs. LivermontIf you have any questions regarding the testing process please e-mail me.    Thank-you!
Last Modified on July 30, 2015