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Here you will find helpful information about L.G.E., our school policies and procedures.
  • CAR RIDERS: When dropping off students, please pull all the way down to the end of the covered awning before stopping to unload.  The covered area is there to keep the kids safe and dry.  Thanks for your cooperation!
  • AGENDAS: Please be sure and review the paperwork, notes and information in your child's backpack and agenda every day. 
  • LUNCH: Parents who join us for lunch are invited to eat on the stage with their child.  The tables are there especially for you and your child to enjoy lunch and a little "one on one" time.   Parents can only eat lunch with their own children.  Also you must be listed on the yellow student information card for security reasons.
  • CLASSROOM VISITS:  Parents are welcome to visit their child's class.  However, we request that you make an appointment with the teacher beforehand, so that the class will have as little disruption as possible. 
  • VOLUNTEERS: Parents, Grandparents etc. are encouraged to volunteer at LGE. We have many opportunities available from copying and sorting to tutoring and mentoring.  Stop by the Parent Resource Room to find out more
  • CHANGE OF TRANSPORTATION: ANY change of transportation needs to be in writing.  The Office CANNOT take phone or faxed changes.  This is for the safety and security of our students. 
  • EARLY CHECK-OUT:  LGE's policy is no early check-outs after 2pm.  The office is a busy, bustling place in the afternoon and again the Safety and Security of our students is our #1 PRORITY! 

Last Modified on September 11, 2015