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WELCOME to the Wildcat GA Milestones Practice Page!
2015 GA Milestones Test Dates

Georgia Milestones Information 

Parents, this year the state will contine the implementation of a new standardized test for Georgia students. 
Please click HERE for more information about the NEW  Georgia Milestone Assessment. 
       Be sure to check your teacher's webpage for additional websites & apps.
  And will you succeed?
               Yes  indeed, yes  indeed!
               Ninety-eight and three-quarters 
               percent guaranteed!”
  Dr. Seuss 
   Come to school every day!
Go to bed early!
Get plenty of rest!
Eat a well balanced breakfast or
Eat the FREE breakfast provided at LGE

Information and Practice Testing On-Line
mouse Experience On-Line Testing Georgia

This year, Georgia students will take the NEW GA Milestones Assessment. These tests measure what students in grades 3 through high school have learned. Many students will take the new tests online.  

This practice site lets students see what testing online is like. Parents and educators are welcome to try it, too. 

                                                                          PARENT ROOM:
Here are a few sites for you and your child to check out prior to testing that discuss stress and where it comes from, techniques for handling and dealing with stress, and ways to reduce stress!
What IS stress?!
Relax Center!
When tests make you NERVOUS!

6 Steps to study smarter so you don't feel so stressed!
What to do if you can't sleep because you're stressed or nervous!

Talk it out!
Last Modified on August 7, 2015