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Welcome to Mrs. Reynolds' Counseling Corner!



I am very pleased to be your school counselor for all grades at Fairview Elementary School.  I really enjoy working with the students, teachers and parents of Fairview, to help make this school the wonderful place to learn that it is.  I have been in Education since 2002 when I began my career as a Middle School Teacher and I have been a School Counselor since 2007.

I love being a school counselor because it gives me the opportunity to work with many children and their families on important skills. I truly believe it is vital for the adults of the future to learn how to communicate and get along with each other and to solve difficult problems without violence. As I work with our students, I hope to be touching the future in a positive way.

Students can be referred to small group and individual guidance by a parent or teacher.  Students who have personal issues can also request to speak with me themselves.  Referrals are available outside my office.  You can give me a call or e-mail me ( to discuss any issue.