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WDES Bulldog News

 Open to 5th grade students that apply and are selected.  The students do the morning announcements live every morning. They work in various positions in front of the camera or behind the scenes and use various forms of technology.

WDES at GaETC Conference

Questions Contact: Mrs Youmans at
Application for WDES

List of positions:
2 Anchors
2 Camera Operators
1 Teleprompter
1 Video Mixer-Controls Cameras, computers, and DVD player
1 Audio Mixer-Controls 2 mics, CD's and DVD player sound
1 Computer-Does intro, special announcements and credits
1 Runner-goes to get the students for flag and mission statement
Optional Reporter or Photographer
Examples of Equipment Used
Link to purchase is just a suggestion and to let you know the model numbers and prices.
I suggest you shop around to get the best price.

 Video Mixer

 Video mixer
Less Expensive Alternative Mixer
Less Expensive Video Mixer
Sound Board



Camera 1

 Older Larger Cameras make great cameras for news show.
Get parents to donate or find at garage sales.

Video C

Older Video-C Camera
Background painted on old screen


High Pub table with stools


 Lots of Lights


Desktop computer on the network

Laptop computer used as teleprompter

WDES News Team in Action 




Last Modified on February 8, 2016