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Our Cafeteria

We are pleased to have a quality group of people preparing meals for the students of Mt. Carmel. Our staff prepare two meals each day for students, breakfast and lunch.
The breakfast meal is optional and students can choose whether or not they are going to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. According to state law, all students in Georgia must have a lunch. If a student brings a lunch from home, this is fine. However, if a student does not bring a lunch from home they are required to have a lunch tray and the opportunity to eat.
Each meal comes with choices. Breakfast usually includes a choice of a hot and cold meal. This allows the students to eat something that they like. Lunch ususally includes a choice of 2 entrees with sides, salad or a sandwich tray. These meals are prepared according to guidelines given to us by the state of Georgia.
Our cafeteria staff:
Debra Clark, cafeteria manager
Kim Price, cashier
Sharon Akers
Natasha Brown
Mary Neely