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We are happy to have parents and
community members come by to visit us!  

Remember to stop by the office for a visitor tag when you arrive. 
Parents, to maintain order in the cafeteria, below are the requirements for those family members who come to Mt. Carmel to eat with their child(ren).

 *  After signing in, go directly to the cafeteria to wait for your child’s class to arrive.

 *  To ensure student safety, you may be required to show your ID before going to the cafeteria.

 *  When eating with your child, sit at the assigned parent table.

*   Due to space limitations, your child may not have another student sit with you and your child during this time.

While the music is on and the other students are quiet, you may continue to talk to your child quietly.

When your child’s lunch is over, do not walk with your child’s class back to the classroom and do not try to conference with your child’s teacher.   Please leave the building after signing out.


Note: If it is your child’s birthday, you may join the class and eat at their assigned table.  Please be mindful of the cafeteria rules.