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Ola Elementary's Mission Statement
"An educational community dedicated to work with parents and the community to promote scholars today and leaders tomorrow."
"You can't spell Scholar without OLA!" 
What is a SchOLAr? 
1. A scholar is naturally inquisitive about the world around him/her.
2. A scholar articulates about his/her learning and can speak with authority and clarity.
3. A scholar is able to critically think about their own work and real world problems.  
4. A scholar shows a persistent determination to "get to the bottom of things."
5. A scholar is conscious of how his/her learning builds on established wisdom.
6. A scholar is passionate, and seen to be passionate, about what he/she studies.
7. A scholar is well-networked with other young scholars.
8. A scholar is easily recognized among his/her peers.
9. A scholar collaborates with others to solve problems.
10. A scholar is highly productive, always striving to perform his/her best.
11. A scholar has a sharp focus.
12. A scholar is what we expect ALL Ola students to become! 
Last Modified on July 30, 2015