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English Department
2016-17 Summer Assignments: Please visit our Summer Reading Facebook Page for questions/comments/feedback.
Honors English I: Contact Tasha Hall if you have questions.
Honors English II: Contact Cherish Donaldson if you have questions.
AP Language: Contact Lori Vincent if you have questions
AP Literature: Contact Valerie Withers if you have questions.
Good tips for reading and writing:


 Meet the English Department

Charles Ardis: 10th Grade and American Literature, Writer's Guild Sponsor
Cherish Donaldson: Honors World Literature, English Honor Society Sponsor, Prom Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor
Tasha Hall: Honors and Regular 9th Grade Literature and Composition, Dance Team Sponsor

Eddie Henderson: 10th grade, Dance Team Sponsor 

Krista Holland: English Department Chair, American Literature, Basic Reading and Writing, Prom Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor 
Lori Jenkins: American Literature 
Savannah Lackey: 9th Grade Literature and Composition  
Ryan Parejko: British Literature
Cody Rentz: 9th Grade Literature and Composition
Deb Salter: 9th Grade Literature and Composition, Yearbook, Directed Studies
Lori Vincent: AP Language, Newspaper, Writer's Workshop, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Coalescence Sponsor, Literary Team Sponsor
Valerie Withers: AP Literature, British Literature, Senior Class Sponsor

Last Modified on October 25, 2016