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     Luella Elementary School (LES) is a granted personalized learning school. Our purpose is to allow space and time for students to manage their own learning through voice and choice as they accomplish measurable goals in a safe and supportive environment through the utilization of 21st century skills.
     LES strives to ensure the success of each student by personalizing learning through the five tenets: learner profiles, project-based learning, competencies/flexible pace, 21st century skills, and technology enabled. The components of the vision have been visually organized within the image below. 

Learner Profiles & Personal Learning Plans:

Learner Profiles reflect students’ prior school performance and interests. Personal Learning Plans are co-created by students, their families and HCS staff to help chart learning paths unique to each student.

21st C. Skills- communication, collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking:

Learning experiences will be designed to foster these key overarching skills and dispositions needed for 21st century college and career success.

Competency-Based Learning:

Courses have clearly identified learning targets, and students move through coursework as they demonstrate mastery of each target. Time and place are flexible, while learning is constant.


Students use technology to access and learn content and demonstrate what they know. Students will receive a mix of face-to-face and online instruction in order to ensure facility in both.

Authentic Learning Experiences:

Students learn through real-world projects, problem-solving, and service learning inside and outside of the classroom, and present evidence of their learning to authentic audiences such as parents, business and community members.


To see this information and learn more about Henry County’s implementation of personalized learning, please visit the county website!  [CLICK HERE]