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Only 8th grade students enrolled in these high school courses will take an EOC 


May 3 – May 19, 2017

Georgia Milestones End of Course (EOC) Spring Administration

End of Grade (EOC) in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies

May 3: 9th Gr Lit (Pt I)

May 11: Coord Alg

May 4: 9th Gr Lit (Pts II/ III)

May 12: Make-Up

May 5: Econ

May 15: US History

May 8: Ame Lit (Pt I)

May 16: Phys Science

May 9: Ame Lit (Pts II/ III)

May 17: Biology

May 10: Analytic Geometry

May 18/19: Make-Up