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Dr. Askew

Greetings to our Bethlehem Bobcat Families

  •      Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  Each year I am humbled and honored to again serve as the principal of Bethlehem Elementary School.  This year, we are entering our tenth year serving the Bethlehem Community!  As we continue to embrace the mission of Henry County Schools, "Ensuring the Success of Each Student," we are again excited to embrace a new school year!  Our commitment to ensuring the success of each student has led Bethlehem to move into providing a learning environment that promotes and fosters a love of learning by and for our students.  By putting children first and ensuring the success of each student, we create an atmosphere of academic excellence built upon a foundation of rigor, relevance, and relationships.  Children are our top priority at Bethlehem!  Bethlehem is truly a wonderful learning environment that continues to maintain a tradition of academic achievement, a love of learning and a love for children.  Our ideals are a reflection of the partnership between the students, faculty, and parents.  By putting children first and ensuring the success of each student, we create an atmosphere of academic excellence where our students grow academically and socially while giving their personal best.  We believe children thrive in an inquiry-based risk-free learning environment that allows for individual growth.  It is the commitment of each teacher to continuously refine their educational program based on the needs of the individual students and current research while embracing technological advancement to ensure our students are prepared to compete in a global society.

         As a 21st Century Learning Community, we are honored to have been selected as a Cohort 16 personalized learning school.  We are committed to supporting our students through digital media opportunities, inquiry-based learning, problem-solving and developing students that are thinkers.  Our students will participate in learning through Inquiry-Based, Project-Based, and Service-Based learning.  Students will experience voice and choice, flexible learning paths, learning through our STEM Lab and Makerspace Lab.  As a learning community, we will continue to set high expectations for student learning that reflect the academic excellence, dedication, and determination of our students and staff.  Our school culture continues to provide a nurturing and consistent learning environment.  We continue to build communities in each classroom and promote good citizenship and respect.  Bethlehem's staff is committed to rigor, relevance, and relationships that will encourage our students to give their best while exciting them to synthesize information, problem solve, think critically and organize their materials while developing essential, lifelong skills thereby empowering our students.

         The entire Bethlehem faculty and staff is excited to be a part of the academic success of each student!  We want to be "Simply the B.E.S.T.", Bethlehem Elementary School Team - giving our students our personal best as we ask our students to give their personal best in each and every endeavor.  I look forward to continuing to nurture established relationships with our Bethlehem community and fostering new relationships with our new families and community members.  Please join us by being a part of our volunteer program Paws-For-4.  Simply put, we are asking that our volunteers "Pause for four" activities, events or opportunities to volunteer at the school.  Through partnering with our parents, community, and staff, we can Ensure the Success of Each Student!  Thank you for being a part of our Bobcat Family!


    Dr. Jessalyn R. Askew