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Welcome to Gifted Education @ FLES!
Lisa Henriquez - Program Coordinator for FLES
Hi I am Lisa Henriquez!  I am the Gifted Education and Personalized Learning Coordinator for Flippen Elementary. I have been at Flippen since the doors opened! Longer than our students have been ALIVE!  I have included some pictures for you to get to know me better.
My Family - I have been married for over 20 years to my husband John.
My son, Jay,  attends Florida State University and my daughter, Mary Kate,  is at UGHS.
My Family   
I have had so many wonderful opportunities to meet new people and learn new things to bring back to my classroom!
Summer 2015 - Georgia Barrier Islands Class
Turtle Nest Dino Beach
Sapelo Island Turtle Nest! We watched a logger head turtle leave the ocean, dig her nest, lay eggs and return to the sea!     Cumberland Island - Taking water and sand samples on Cumberland with other Henry County teachers. It was a WILD place!
October 2015 - on the Equator in Kenya
I was lucky to be part of a group that visited schools and orphanages in Molo ad Nanyuki Kenya.
November 2015 - National Social Studies Conference New Orleans
Civil rights
Dinner with Joan Trumpauer Mulholland - Civil Rights activist and Freedom Rider! 
Teaching American History Grants
Montana - Chief Joe Medicine Crow - Crow Indians 
 Chief Joe Tetons
 Snake River with more Henry County teachers. The view was made famous by Ansel Adams.
chicago 1 Andrew Lloyd Wright  Frank Lloyd Wright Home
Southwest - Grand Canyon and Wupatki National Monument
grand canyon wupatki
Taking a break with the Roosevelt's at Hyde Park
San Francisco and Sacramento, Sutter's Mill
san fran sutter's mill  

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