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Literacy                                                                                                                                                  Linda

Hello!  My name is Linda Bayer and I am delighted to serve as the Literacy Instructional Lead Teacher at Walnut Creek Elementary.

I graduated from Mississippi State University, completed my Master’s degree at Piedmont University, obtained a Leadership Degree from University of West Georgia, and an Education Specialist Degree from Walden University.  Over the last 30 years, I have had a variety of experiences in the field of education including teaching grades K-t, Literacy Coach, ELA School Improvement Specialist, Professional Learning Assistant Coordinator, and my current job as Literacy Instructional Lead Teacher.

The Georgia Literacy Task Force defines literacy as the ability to speak, listen, read and write, as well as to view print and non-print in order to achieve the following:

1.      To communicate effectively with others.

2.     To think and respond critically in a variety of settings to a myriad of print and non-print text, and

3.     To access, use, and produce multiple forms of media, information, and knowledge in all content areas.


Through each experience, I have learned the importance of students learning to read.  I strive each day to ensure that the students at Walnut Creek Elementary become life-long readers and continue to work toward achieving the Georgia definition of literacy.