Superintendent Bowler’s vision for all Henry County Schools is to implement personalized learning to meet the individual learning needs of our students.  Bethlehem Elementary is currently implementing various forms of personalized learning (project-based learning, student goal-setting, technology enabled learning, etc.).  As we strive toward a more personalized learning environment for our students, we would like your feedback.  Please assist us with our personalized learning implementation by completing a short survey as we work to meet the needs of our students.  Thank you for assisting us with your feedback.  Please click on the link to access the survey.  Thank you!


Here is the Parent survey link.


1st Grade Inventions 
2nd grade Living Museum

Bobcat Bash 
Desserts With Dads
Bethlehem Elementary
1000 Academic Parkway
Locust Grove, GA  30248
Phone: 770-288-8571
FAX: 770-288-8577
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Talented and Gifted Education (TAG) Information for BES Students
Questions and Answers from the TAG Joint Information Session
Non TAG-Like Minded Student Rubric
TAG Screener Rubric

Please use the link below if you would like to refer your child for Gifted Testing. Please note that a referral does not guarantee your child will be tested.


Requirements for rising 6th Graders

 PDF for 6th Grade immunization information. 

Approved 2014-2015 school calendar
School times for 2014-15 will be 7:45 am - 2:25 pm



Dismissal Procedures

For the safety and protection of our students we do not accept changes of transportation over the telephone.  All changes in transportation must be in writing.

To prepare for afternoon dismissal, we are unable to have checkouts after 2:00 pm.