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Personalized Learning Task Groups & Objectives
  •  21st Century Skills
    • Support schools and teachers in intentionally instilling 21st century skills in students

  • Community Relations/ Policy
    • Communicate the personalized learning vision and work to larger HCS community (business, higher ed, & state), advocate for personalized learning policy and practice changes

  • Competency-Based Learning
    • Moving district to competency-based grading system and flexible pacing

  • Evaluation/ Data
    • Evaluate effectiveness of personalized learning initiatives in schools

  • Extended Learning Opportunities & Capstone
    • Develop formal process for implementing and evaluating credit-bearing learning opportunities for students

  • Learner Profile/ Personalized Learning Plan
    • Design learner profile and PLP for use by parents, students, and staff

  • Project Based Learning/ Authentic
    • Support schools and teachers in project based learning strategies

  • Technology Enabled Learning
    • Support schools and teacher in the use of technology tools

The District Personalized Learning Advisory Board Wants You!Volunteer for the PL Advisory Board
If you are a Henry County Schools stakeholder, are interested in learning more about the District Personalized Learning Task Groups, and would like to inform the work of the the task groups, please click here to complete and submit an inquiry form to be contacted via email regarding the advisory board.