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Personalized Learning
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Personalized Learning 
Henry County Schools district leadership has a strong commitment to creating personalized learning opportunities for students. Our vision for personalized learning is captured in the phrase “Ensuring Success for Each Student.” The components of the vision have been visually organized within the image below. On the roof is the goal “all students college, career, and life ready.” The foundation for the vision rests on two core beliefs: that students should have agency (voice and choice) in their learning; and that schools, supported by the district, should have autonomy in determining how each of the tenets is implemented. 
The student experience will include five essential elements, called tenets, represented by the  pillars below: 
  • Learner Profiles
  • Competency-Based Learning 
  • Authentic Learning Experiences
  • 21st C. Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking)
  • Technology-Enabled 

Parthenon Jan 2017
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