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The Henry model for leadership development includes several essential ingredients necessary for preparing current and future leaders in the school system. These ingredients include an appropriate blend of theory, practice, pedagogy, and curriculum. The ultimate goal of the programs is to insure that the system will possess effective leadership at the district and building levels for years to come. The programs target teacher leaders, assistant principals, district level leaders, veteran and induction level principals, and leader coaches. The Five Star G.O.L.D. (Growth Opportunities for Leadership Development) Academy is a performance-based model that includes components for school leader identification, recruitment, selection, training, induction, mentoring, development, support, and retention. The end result will be quality leadership whose benefits will be harnessed to maximize teacher performance and student achievement.
 Five Star G.O.L.D. Academy Components
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Teacher Leaders 

Asst. Principals/ District Admins

Induction Level Leaders    Principals Leaders as Coaches
Additional Support for Professionals Inspired to Reach Excellence
Leadership Enhancement And 
Making Opportunities to Develop Educators in Leadership Developing and Retaining Individuals with Vision and Effectiveness
Leadership Utilizing
Profile of a High Performing Henry County Principal