• SLO Assessment Training Meeting

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 7/23/2014

     SLO Testing Coordinator Meeting


    I will be holding a face-to-face SLO Assessment Training Meeting on Friday, August 1st in the Ante Room at the BOE. Please attend one of the sessions listed below if you are an SLO Test Coordinator for important updates, calendars, and materials.


    ES SLO Testing Coordinator Meeting times:





    MS/HS SLO Testing Coordinator Meeting times:





    Please also email me the name of who will be coordinating your school’s SLO efforts so that I can ensure effective communication this year.


    Thank you. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns!

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  • June 2014 Health/PE SLO Development Session

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 3/12/2014




    Over the summer we will have a training session to create SLO Assessments for the following courses. If you teach one of the following subjects and would like to participate in the 4 day training held June 9-12, please sign up by clicking the June 2014 Health/PE SLO Development Session link by Friday, March 21st.



    ·         Advanced Weight Training



    ·         Aerobics



    ·         Intro to Gymnastics/Stunts/Tumbling



    ·         Introductory Lifetime Sports



    ·         Health 6th Grade



    ·         Health 7th Grade



    ·         PE 6th Grade



    ·         PE 7th Grade



    The session will be held at the Henry County Education Center from 8 – 1 each day, and you will be paid $30 an hour and will receive 2 PLUs for your work. Please respond quickly, as the first 2 respondents will be selected for this work. You must be available all 4 days of the training.




    The goals of development are:



    • Receive training on Depth of Knowledge, Rubric development, and Pre-Assessments
    • Balancing assessments to include various types of assessment items
    • Create rubrics used for open response items
    • Consider Pre-Assessments as shorter tests and considering items that would be pre-requisite skills/knowledge for the course 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



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  • Spring 2014 SLO Post-Assessment Order

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 3/6/2014
    Please use the following links to order your Spring SLO Post-Assessments. Orders are due by Wednesday, March 12th to ensure timely delivery for the opening of the Spring Post-Assessment window on April 14th.
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  • CTAE SLO Development

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 3/5/2014

    Good afternoon-


    We are gearing up for SLO Development for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year CTAE courses! We have quite a few to develop in order to follow the State requirements for growth measures per teacher. For this year only, we will be asking some CTAE teachers to participate on April 17-18 or April 24-25 (with follow up dates in June) to write these new assessments. Sharon Bonner and I have been very deliberate in determining dates and courses so as to minimize the impact on your building.


    Sharon will be contacting teachers, and I will send out directions for how to submit leave via PDExpress. We appreciate your support in this process.


    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • SLO Pre-Assessments - Deadline Extension

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 1/15/2014

    We are extending the deadline for all SLO Pre-Assessments to be scored and scanned into POINT until Friday, January 31 at 5:00. Please ensure that all teachers who have courses with an SLO are aware of the extension.


    All scores must be entered into Infinite Campus under Grading by Task by the same deadline.


    Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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  • New SLO Assessments in January

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 12/20/2013

    Short Version: We will be adding new Elementary, Middle, and High School SLO Assessments in January that will be semester-long assessments. Gifted Resource Teachers (K-5), students with Alternate Curriculums (K-12) and Study Skills (6-12) will now have SLOs. These assessments do NOT have student booklets; teachers will need to access the Examiner’s Manuals.

    Long Version:

    In order to comply with the DOE requirement that each teacher in our district has a growth measure, we have added two new SLO Assessments. Teachers of students with Alternate Curriculums, Study Skills, and Gifted Resource teachers will now administer SLOs. Becausethey are on shortened timeframes of a semester, growth targets have beenadjusted to reflect this. Gifted Resource includes only the SAGE ResourceTeacher or the TAG Collaborative Teacher, NOT any gifted homeroom teachers(their measure is still F&P and IKAN/GLOSS).

    To ensure understanding of these new assessments, I will be collaborating with the Special Education department at their meeting in January. A memo has already been sent out detailing the Special Education meeting on January 6th. Teachers should NOT pre-assess until after these meetings take place. Study Skills teachers will need to review their Examiner’s Manuals prior to administering this assessment. If they have any questions, please let me know immediately. These teachers will begin their Pre-Assessment on the 13th, as noted in prior emails. The Gifted Resource meeting will take place on January13th from 8am - 12pm at the Henry County Education Center.Teachers should NOT pre-assess until after these meetings take place.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Enjoy your break! 

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  • Entering SLO Data in IC: Webinars for Teachers

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 12/20/2013

    January 14, 2014 from 3:30 - 4:00 will be our first LIVE webinar to support SLO Data collection in Infinite Campus. Please forward this information to your teachers. This will be the first online session for teachers to listen and ask questions regarding how to enter SLO Data into Infinite Campus.

    Alternate online meetings:

    January 15th from 3:00 to 3:30

    January 16th from 4:30 to 5:00

    January 17th from 4:00 to 4:30

    Click on the link below to join the session on January 14th at 3:30!


    Join online meeting 


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  • POINT Update and Assessment Windows

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 12/19/2013

    Short Version: All SLO Post-Assessment answer documents need to be scanned into POINT by January 10, 2014. The SLO Pre-Assessment window will open in POINT on January 13, 2014.


    Long Version:

    Due to the POINT update that will occur on January 10th, we have adjusted our deadlines. All Post-Assessment answer documents from 1st semester or 2nd 9 weeks will need to be scored and scanned into POINT by January 10th. POINT will be updated on January 10th, and barring any delays, the SLO Pre-Assessment window will open on Monday, January 13th.  Please do NOT print any Pre-Assessment answer documents until the 13th due to the update.

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  • POINT Update - Answer Documents Impacted

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 12/4/2013

    Short Version: Due to the POINT update on December 9th, teachers should not print answer documents for the December Post-Assessments until December 10th.


    Long Version:

    As Brian shared at the Principal’s meeting on Thursday, POINT is going to undergo an update on December 9th. This has implications for the SLO Post-Assessment window which was supposed to be open from December 9 - 20th. Please ensure that teachers do NOT print answer documents before this update, as their answer documents will not scan properly. Please wait until December 10th to print answer documents and begin administering the Post-Assessments. If teachers are still holding on to make-up assessments, please be sure they scan these before the December 9th update.


    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions.

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  • Webinar Available for Assistance on Entering SLO Data into IC

    Posted by Melissa Thomas at 11/26/2013

    A webinar is now available to help your teachers understand how to enter their SLO Assessment data into Infinite Campus. Please note that all data must be entered into IC for State reports. Additional live webinars will be conducted in order to facilitate questions and answers about the process. I will send out those invitations after Thanksgiving break.

    Please use the following links to access the webinar and powerpoint materials.
    I am here to provide any support that is needed in entering data for SLO Assessments. If your teachers need dedicated support to enter scores from POINT into IC, please contact me via email or phone to set up a day for me to come out to your school. I can provide this support throughout the day during planning times, or I can visit before or after school. 
    I am also available to discuss data analysis tools that POINT has to offer that are useful for determining flexible groups based on standards. If you would to schedule a day and time for me to come to your school, please contact me via email or phone. POINT has useful tools that we may be underutilizing! 
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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