2014-2015 Luella High School Cheerleaders
 Varsity Football/Competition
Taja Blanks
Jasmine Bohannon
Madison Carter
Ashlee Davis
Wallace Heath
Mia Herrera
Kolton Ingram
Brittany Jordan
Lindsey Junger 
Jamii Lewis
Katia McAlpine
Saniya Myles 
DeMya Revere
Jharmaal Sanders
Gillian Scott
Taylor Shields
Emily Warren
Shakura Williams
  Varsity Basketball
Jaylin Bolden
Raelyn Brown
Tyesha Buchannon
Gabbi Colton
Aaliyah Dorsey
Melandra Hargrave
Jasmine James
Chaise Jones
Tiona King
Zakiya Leverette
Ladi Victoria Rozier
Ryan Scott
Caitlyn Ware
Breanna Williams
I hope you all understand how much time and consideration we put into forming both squads.  I am so grateful for all of the hard work and dedication that I saw this week.  I am very proud of ALL of you!  I wish I had a place on a squad for every student that tried out, but unfortunately that just could not happen.  

I am so excited about the new season and look forward to the first gathering on May 5th beginning at 3:45pm for our fitting.  Parents will join us for a meeting at 6:00pm and we will receive our first fundraiser of the season!  Again, the fitting/meeting is mandatory so please make sure you plan to attend.  Bring any questions you may have and we will work all of the details out at the meeting.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  
Last Modified on April 24, 2014