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Food for Life

Course Description:

Food for Life is an advanced course in food and nutrition that addresses the variation in nutritional needs at specific stages of the human life cycle: lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood including elderly. The most common nutritional concerns, their relationship to food choices and health status and strategies to enhance well-being at each stage of the lifecycle are emphasized. This course provides knowledge for real life and offers students a pathway into dietetics, consumer foods, and nutrition science careers with additional education at the post-secondary level. Pre-requisite for this course is the Food, Nutrition and Wellness course.
CTAE Tutoring Days
Offered in the fall and spring sessions of the school year. See Below
Fall Tutoring Dates & Instructions 
*If there is anything you need help with you will need to schedule an appointment with me before or after school.  
Childhood Nutrition Unit
Infant Nutrition
Stages of Development (google classroom assignment)
Developmental Poster (google classroom assignment)
Newborn Unit
Prenatal Unit
STAR Events Mid-Term Project Resources 
Digestion & Essential Nutrients Unit
 FL Digestion & Nutrition Task Sheet (given as a handout)
Digestive System Student Notes (given as a handout)
Career Unit
FL Career Unit Task Sheet (given as a handout)
FACS Careers (given as a handout)
Career Life Map (given as a handout)
Career Resources 
Jobs, Careers & Education (coffee house item)
FCCLA History Notes (Coffee House Item)
FACS History Notes(Coffee House Item)