Running for Office                                                                                                             


                Any student who is a member of the Junior Beta Club at Hickory Flat Charter Elementary has the opportunity to run for one of the designated offices mentioned under the Officers: Responsibilities tab. These offices will be voted on by the members in a silent vote during our second Junior Beta Club meeting which will be held on Wednesday, January 6, 2015.


                Members interested in running for office may run for one specific office or for all three offices as long as they have met the following guidelines.


                Members must:


Ø      Sign up for the office(s) for which they plan to run

o       A sign-up sheet will be on the wall outside Mrs. Roberson’s room (#120).

o       Members who plan to run for office must sign up on this form by 4:00 on Friday, December 5th.

Ø      Have a speech prepared for each office in which they plan to run

o       Speeches must be prepared in advance and must designate the student’s personal goals and responsibilities for that particular office.  (This means that the student must relay – not simply quote – his/her understanding of the responsibilities of the position in which they are running as well as indicate – possibly through personal examples and/or experience reasons why they believe they would be a good person for the position.)

o       Speeches cannot be read; however, students can refer back to them as they address the other members of the club.

o       There is no time limit to the length of the speech; however, use good judgment in what you would like to say.

Ø      Be able to answer any questions relating to the specific position for which they are running.  Sponsors will interview each person who plans to run for office.


Our ultimate goal in following these guidelines is to ensure that the officers who represent our club are students who genuinely have the desire to become leaders, who fully understand the responsibilities of the position they seek, and who believe that they have the qualities and discipline that will allow them to fulfill their obligations as leaders of our club.


                Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with our new Junior Beta Club members this year.


Last Modified on December 3, 2014