Hickory Flat Charter Elementary

Junior Beta Club


 Guidelines and Expectations

Parents and Students,


            We are looking forward to an exciting year with Junior Beta Club.  In order to ensure that our meetings and service projects are successful, we have the following guidelines and expectations that should be followed by each Junior Beta Club member (hereinafter referred to as ‘student” or “students”):


1.     Academics.  Students must maintain all A averages for all subjects throughout the year.  If a student receives any grade below an A for any subject in a nine-week period, the following action will be taken:


a.       First B average for any subject – student is placed on probation for the following nine-week grading period, during which student must bring any B averages up to A averages.  (Student may not attend meetings or club functions during this time.)


b.      Second B average for any subject – student is promptly dismissed from Junior Beta Club.


2.   Behavior/Conduct.  Students are also expected to have exceptional behavior in school, at all school-related functions, at all Junior Beta Club meetings, during all service projects, and at any other time where students represent our school and/or The National Junior Beta Club.  Therefore, if any student demonstrates inappropriate behavior at these times, (s)he can be dismissed at the sponsors’ discretion.  Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, disrespect, lying, stealing, cheating, and/or fighting.  (Please review the “Code of Honor” section on this webpage.)


3.      Meetings.  Meetings will be held after school from 2:30 –3:30 on the first Thursday of each month.  Students are expected to attend all meetings.  If a student misses more than one meeting (with an unexcused absence), that student will be dismissed from Junior Beta Club.  Students must have a permission form returned to the regular classroom teacher or to Mrs. Roberson by 8:30 am the morning of the scheduled meeting in order to stay after school for the meeting.  (Please note: We cannot accept permission forms via email or telephone.)                                                 


4.      Officers.  All students will be allowed to run for office.  Junior Beta Club has three elected positions:  President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  (Please review the sections entitled “Officers” on this webpage for further information regarding the “responsibilities” for each of these positions as well as information regarding “running for office.”)  In order for a student to be eligible to run for office, (s)he must go through an interview process with the sponsors to ensure that (s)he understands the responsibilities of that particular office.


5.      Service. The National Beta Club is a service organization, and students should strive to serve the community.  In this respect, students of the HFCE Junior Beta Club are expected to participate in service projects and activities that have been chosen by the club.  These projects will be discussed during our regular club meetings throughout the school year and may include activities during the school day as well as other times depending on the projects chosen.


Individual Community Service.  In addition, students should strive to serve their community.  As an incentive, students who complete service hours outside of club-chosen projects will be rewarded for their service to the community.  For every two (2) hours of individual community service a student completes, (s)he will be given an HFCE “positive paw” to put into the drawing every Friday.”  Students who complete ten (10) or more individual community service hours for the school year (completed and turned in by May 1st) will receive a special gift from the National Junior Beta Club.


[Please note: Individual community service hours are services that are provided by the student to the community that are in addition to the service projects that are fulfilled by our club as a whole.  Service projects should include any service for which a student does not get paid and is not directly related to functions of the immediate family (i.e., chores at home or any act of service that would otherwise be fulfilled in everyday family situations).  Our goal is to help students understand the responsibility of citizenship and belonging to a community and how they can help support that community in a positive way.]


Students must have the Individual Community Service Project form filled out and signed by a representative from the organization for which the student provided the service.


Again, we look forward to having your child become a part of our Junior Beta Club.  Please let us know if you have any questions.




       Susan Roberson

       Cindy St. John


Last Modified on September 22, 2014