Our Field Trip!  So fun!

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The end of the year is here!  This time is so bittersweet for me as I said in last week's newsletter.  I am so sad to see my sweet second graders move up to third grade but I am so proud of all they have learned this year!  
Here is the finished Multiplication Math Songs Video!  
We added the introductions at the beginning, put some captions in it to help with other students trying to practice.  Click the link above and enjoy!
We have been working hard all year on our Nelson Superhero "Cup" Song.  
We are finally ready to perform it.  Here is our performance.  We are a SuperHero Family! 
We had a great Friday before Spring Break!  We got to do some yummy Math (to use Leah's words) while making our 3-D geometric shapes.  Check out the pictures below!  Make sure to ask your child what the marshmallow represents and what the toothpicks represent.  They are super smart!

Video Adventures 
As I stated above this past year's videos are all posted!  Most are posted both on Youtube and on our SchoolTube channel.  You will find the Reading Idol and Club Uke performance videos on our SchoolTube channel and the Multiplication Math Songs are on the YouTube channel.  Go to the link above and find your child.  I think you will be very proud of what they accomplished.   
Nelson Superheroes!
Friday Afternoon Nelson Superheroes!
Last Modified on June 27, 2014