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We have begun our third round of innovation stations.  It is hard to believe we are only a few weeks away from our February break.  Keep in mind that on Wednesdays we always try to go out.  Please dress your child for the cold weather.  We will only stay out for 30 minutes but they will need to have a coat to wear during that time.  
We are working hard to learn addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers.  We are also continuing to work with money and telling time.  Any extra work at home with be helpful as these are difficult skills to master. 
I am excited to introduce Ms. Rutledge who will be student teaching in our class for the spring semester.  She was in my class last year during her practicum and I am thrilled to welcome her back.  I know she will be a great asset to room 118. 
Below is a link to my school youtube channel.  This is where I post most of my classroom performance videos. Please feel free to check back often for our latest video adventures.
This will be us soon!  
 Great News!  We received a grant from Snapping Shoals to purchase four iPad mini's for our classroom to use!  The money should be coming soon and it will provide us with iPad's, cases, headphones, apps and books.  This was a generous grant and I am excited to see all the educational doors it will open up for us.
Video Adventures 
I am leaving last year's videos for you to watch and enjoy if you choose.  Most are posted both on Youtube and on our SchoolTube channel.  You will find the Reading Idol and Club Uke performance videos on our SchoolTube channel and the Multiplication Math Songs are on the YouTube channel.  Go to the link above and explore.  Soon YOUR child will be the star! 
 Second Grade is a SMASH! Love these silly faces!
Nelson Superhero Family!  Silliness!
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