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This week is filled with exciting things.  We will be completing winter activities, researching reindeer and snow, and creating our own snowflakes to put on our bulletin board.  On Wednesday, we will have our second grade Grinch Day.  We will be comparing the book to the movie and completing many activities related to the Grinch.  Thursday night is our Innovation Station Parent night and we hope to see you all here.  It will begin at 6 with some classrooms open and displaying the artwork students have completed.  Performances will begin at 7:00 and will last until 8:00.  A schedule will be coming home in black folders today for you to see when you should be here at school with your child.
Friday is our winter party.  I have had many parents let me know that they will be sending in food.  So far we have holiday fun sheets, chips, capri suns, cupcakes, goodie bags, juice boxes and pizza.  If you would like to send in additional items we will take them.  As I tell the students, "if you send it, we will eat it".  I appreciate the many responses I have already received.  I am looking forward to a fun party!

Our first round of Reader's Idol is now complete!  Even better, the videos are uploaded to my Youtube channel.  Keep in mind that my channel is strictly used to share what the students are doing.  Our winning group was Group #1.  The winning group is decided by student votes and not by the teachers.  Students were instructed to vote for the group that was loud enough to hear, very expressive, ready when it was their turn to read, and easy to understand.  I was very proud of how they did.  I think you will be too!


This will be us soon!  
 Great News!  We received a grant from Snapping Shoals to purchase four iPad mini's for our classroom to use!  The money should be coming soon and it will provide us with iPad's, cases, headphones, apps and books.  This was a generous grant and I am excited to see all the educational doors it will open up for us.
Video Adventures 
I am leaving last year's videos for you to watch and enjoy if you choose.  Most are posted both on Youtube and on our SchoolTube channel.  You will find the Reading Idol and Club Uke performance videos on our SchoolTube channel and the Multiplication Math Songs are on the YouTube channel.  Go to the link above and explore.  Soon YOUR child will be the star! 
 Second Grade is a SMASH! Love these silly faces!
Nelson Superhero Family!  Silliness!
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