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Welcome to 2017!!
We are back into the swing of things and I will not lie, I am hoping to see some snow sometime this month. We have begun our second round of MAP testing and will complete it next week.  Grades will be posted on Monday, January 9 for you to see how your child is doing.  Let me know if you would like to meet or are having any issues and/or concerns.
I hope you are enjoying the pictures and now videos I am posting to ClassDojo.  I have all but two parents connected to our ClassDojo which is pretty close to 100% but we are not there yet!  We have lost and gained several students so if you need another sign in sheet or a code just let me know.  If you are a one of those parents who have not yet connected please go ahead and download the free app to connect.  Not only is it a way for us to keep in constant contact for behavioral issues (good or bad) you can see what we are doing through the posted pictures information through the Class Story and Class Messages.  I had 100% participation for the past two years and I would love to get there this year too!  I also post on Twitter weekly and if you would like to follow me and see those pictures you can find me @JENNIFERMN1.  I use the Twitter account for class updates, pictures and videos. 
Here's some pictures of fun things from this past year:
What a great time we had at our BFG breakfast!


Here's some pictures of our silent reading time.  Shhhh....
Last Modified on January 5, 2017