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Here we are in the fourth week of 2014-2015!  I am so excited about what I have already seen in the classroom.  Our class feels like a family even after just a few weeks.  I am so excited to work with you and your child.  As I am updating this website to show our class, I have left some things I am super proud of my students from last year on this page so that you can see a little of what your child might be doing.  
We are no longer sending progress reports home because Infinite Campus is now accessible all of the time.  You are welcome to check your child's progress whenever you choose.  Isn't technology great?  I also send home papers every Monday and send a newsletter home every Tuesday so I hope you are feeling very up to date on all the happenings in room 118!  If not, email me your questions and I'll be happy to talk.
I use the website as a way to keep parents informed and to motivate my students to work hard to see their accomplishments added here.  Feel free to look through all the pages and comment on the blog throughout the year.  I will also be sending home an e newsletter that will also be shown here on the Newsletter link.  If you have not received an email from me please let me know.  I may have written your email down incorrectly on the distribution list.
Here is the last year's students Multiplication Math Songs Video!  
We added the introductions at the beginning, put some captions in it to help with other students trying to practice.  Click the link above and enjoy!
Video Adventures 
As I stated above this past year's videos are all posted!  Most are posted both on Youtube and on our SchoolTube channel.  You will find the Reading Idol and Club Uke performance videos on our SchoolTube channel and the Multiplication Math Songs are on the YouTube channel.  Go to the link above and explore.  I think you will be very excited about all they accomplished.  
 Second Grade is a SMASH! Love these silly faces!
Nelson Superhero Family!  Silliness!
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