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Such a fun day!  Do you see any book characters you recognize?
As you can see above we celebrated Read Across America Day by dressing as some of our favorite book characters.  We had a great time and we read a lot of fantastic stories! 
We also had a special treat on March 11 which was Real Men Read day.  We had some wonderful Army guys come to read to us!  Here is the photo album of pictures form that day.  They read us two great books and we had a blast!  Thanks Big C and Sergeant Jackson! 
We are working hard to learn addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers.  We are also beginning a unit on arrays and multiplication.  Any extra work at home will be helpful as these are difficult skills to master. I have begun to teach the students songs to help with these math concepts.  The link below is a video of my class last year singing the multiplication songs that we will be learning in the next few weeks.  We are already pro's at the 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 7's.  We are working hard to master the rest and of course, we LOVE our subtraction song!  Here's the link:
 Ms. Rutledge has only two more weeks with our class!  Ms. Rutledge is doing a wonderful job and is a fantastic addition to our class.  We will miss her greatly.
 Second Grade is a SMASH! Love these silly faces!
Nelson Superhero Family!  Silliness!
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