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This will be us soon!  
 Great News!  We received a grant from Snapping Shoals to purchase four iPad mini's for our classroom to use!  The money should be coming soon and it will provide us with iPad's, cases, headphones, apps and books.  This was a generous grant and I am excited to see all the educational doors it will open up for us.
I had a great time last week at the Technology Conference in Atlanta.  I got some great ideas to try out in our classroom.  My session went great and they were very impressed with how well our classroom is blogging this year.  I was very proud of our class and their progress. 
We are still competing hard to be the "Blogging Smartie" for the class.  Ask your students what they have to do to earn such a title and the treat that goes along with it.  I use the blog as one more way to encourage writing.  Feel free to join in and blog with us as well.  All blog submissions come to me for approval so they will not immediately see it pop up.  Don't worry, I will check often and add them as soon as I can.  
I am hoping to upload all the Reading Idol videos and the videos for those students who are in the first Club Uke Innovation Station and were here to perform to our YouTube and SchoolTube stations.  When they are ready to be viewed I will post the link below.  Keep checking back
Some fun stuff from last year: 
Here is the last year's students Multiplication Math Songs Video!  
We added the introductions at the beginning, put some captions in it to help with other students trying to practice.  Click the link above and enjoy!
Video Adventures 
I am leaving last year's videos for you to watch and enjoy if you choose.  Most are posted both on Youtube and on our SchoolTube channel.  You will find the Reading Idol and Club Uke performance videos on our SchoolTube channel and the Multiplication Math Songs are on the YouTube channel.  Go to the link above and explore.  Soon YOUR child will be the star! 
 Second Grade is a SMASH! Love these silly faces!
Nelson Superhero Family!  Silliness!
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