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What a great time we had at our BFG breakfast!

Oh, my goodness we are already back from our winter break!  We are on the downhill slide of our year in third grade.  This last half of the year will go quickly and we will be learning a tremendous amount to get ready for fourth grade.  Right now in math, we are working on word problems, perimeter and area, multiplication, arrays, and of course we are always continuing to work with addition and subtraction strategies.  Reading and writing is getting better and better and I am so happy with the progress that I am seeing.  We will be completing an opinion writing piece this nine weeks and working to strengthen our reading skills for comprehension.  In science, we are learning about rocks, minerals and soil and in social studies we are learning about lots of important historical people.  I am constantly adding links and extra information here to help students who are wanting to learn at home so make sure you check back often.  
We're off! 

Now that Infinite Campus has the kinks worked out of it you should be able to check up on your child's progress. Please keep in mind that 2's are normal for this time of year as we are just beginning to learn some of these standards.  If you are seeing lots of 1's there may be a reason for concern.  In that case, I am very happy to meet with you and discuss how we can tackle the issue.  I am sending home graded papers once a week.  Make sure you are reviewing them and helping your child correct any non-test paper that has a 1 and a REDO at the top.
Here's some pictures of our silent reading time.  Shhhh....
Students are getting better and better with our stations!  I am loving this looping!  Here is a peek into what our classroom might look like during our literacy station time.  During this time I am pulling individual students to read with or I am working with a group of readers.

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