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We have been working hard all year on our Nelson Superhero "Cup" Song.  
We are finally ready to perform it.  Here is our performance.  We are a SuperHero Family! 
We had a great Friday before Spring Break!  We got to do some yummy Math (to use Leah's words) while making our 3-D geometric shapes.  Check out the pictures below!  Make sure to ask your child what the marshmallow represents and what the toothpicks represent.  They are super smart!

Reading Idol 
We have finished our third round of Reading Idol.  The script is taken from the book
"Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch" by Trinka Hakes Noble.  
Performances have been posted on the link below and we have a tie for the winning teams!  The winning two teams are:
Kennedi, Hannah, Jaden D., and Noah!
Luke, Ved, T'Erica, and Sara
Congratulations to all our Reading Idol Performers!  These were by far the best round we have had!  This next time each group gets to choose a different script so Performance Day will be so exciting!  Keep working hard because it is really paying off.  All performances can be seen on the SchoolTube link below.
Tacky the Penguin

We are now pretty familiar with our penpals in Austin, Texas.  Students will continue to write once or twice a month.  This is a fantastic way to help students learn letter writing skills and it's so much fun they don't even know how hard they are working.  Write on!
Upcoming Events 
Blog All About It!
 Our blogging is going well.  We are still just learning how to write good comments.  We are focusing on using complete sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with correct punctuation.  It is a great way to encourage writing and students love it!  Feel free to read them and reply to them as well.  
Video Adventures 
As I stated above this year's videos are finally posted!  I had some trouble with YouTube so instead we are switching to SchoolTube which is a little bit more private.  Go to the link above and find your child.  I think you will be very proud of what they accomplished.  Our videos from last year will still be available on our youtube channel.  You will find last year's videos on the Math Songs page and the Reading Idol page.  This year your child will be the star! 
Friday Afternoon Nelson Superheroes!
Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Keep learning!
Thank you,
Mrs. Nelson
Last Modified on April 4, 2014