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Zoo Habitat Projects  
We have a new project here at the end of our third grade year.  Students get to choose an animal that would typically be found in a zoo to research and create a habitat that will be a perfect place for their chosen animal. This is an at school project and will not be assigned for homework unless they want to take it home and work on it there too.  They are only limited by their imagination for how they create their habitat.  Anything from posters to online worlds are acceptable.  They will present their projects and talk about their research on Friday May 20th.
Our New 'Playlist' Stations
We are getting better and better at directing our learning.  On the playlist they have choices for different areas.  For instance, adaptive learning would include Front Row, Tenmarks, and/or First in Math.  These online activities challenge students based on how they perform so that they can be diving deeper into subjects they are excelling in and being helped in subjects where they may struggle.  Other choices include model activities, partner activities, task cards and games that go along with our standards.  In literacy choices may include research and reporting using digital storytelling tools, blogging, front row articles and questions, games including question card tic tac toe and/or I have, Who Has? etc.  So far, students have enjoyed having some freedom to choose which direction they take on a daily basis.  
While this freedom has been a huge hit with students, keep in mind that I will be closely monitoring and pulling students to work on things individually or with groups.  I have been impressed with how well they know themselves and how often they come to me for extra lessons at my table.  It has allowed us all a way to take charge of our own learning and get help when it is needed.
 Here's some pictures of fun things from this past year:
What a great time we had at our BFG breakfast!


Here's some pictures of our silent reading time.  Shhhh....
Students are getting better and better with our stations!  I am loving this looping!  Here is a peek into what our classroom might look like during our literacy station time.  During this time I am pulling individual students to read with or I am working with a group of readers.

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